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Hill Country Land Trust Land Steward Video Series

Healthy, well-vegetated, well-managed riparian areas benefit all Texans in several ways.  They help reduce the erosive forces of floodwater by slowing down the water so it can spread out across the floodplain where it soaks back in to the alluvial water table, thus helping to sustain base flow during dry times.  Other benefits include improved aquatic life, reduced water temperature in summer, improved water quality and improved forage, and wildlife habitat.  Riparian zones may occupy a very small percentage of the overall landscape, but their importance to sustaining the entire habitat and the creatures that live there requires a very special management and stewardship approach.  In this video we take a look at what constitutes a healthy, well-functioning riparian area, and how landowners can better understand how to protect and enhance these valuable areas.

An excellent field guide, Your Remarkable Riparianco-authored by video host Steve Nelle, can be ordered through remarkableriparian.org

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