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A Special Place to Practice Land Stewardship

By Texas standards, our property in the Texas Hill Country is relatively small. But for us, the enjoyment and connection to nature we derive from living here is big. Over the years, we've invested sweat equity, some financial resources, and lots of emotion to be decent stewards of the land. It is a work in progress, and each year brings new experiences and more opportunity to learn about the wildlife and plants we share our days with. We realized that protecting our property from ever-encroaching subdivision and urbanization was essential to keep this space intact and in its natural state. Since we have no direct heirs, donating a conservation easement on our property was a good fit for us. Working with the Hill Country Land Trust, we crafted our own easement guidelines to ensure that our land will never be subdivided, bulldozed over, or subjected to poor land management practices once we're gone. It's a great sense of relief to know that the next folks to live here will see the value we place on open space and the natural world, and will carry on in supporting the investments we've made to it. A conservation easement makes that possible. - Errol and Susan Candy

posted on 3/23/2016

Hill Country Land Trust sometimes get testimonials from land owners that we have worked with. We really appreciate them taking the time to send these to us, and we like to share them here on the website.

We are commited to conserving the Texas Hill Country, and we like to hear from others as to why they have chosen to make this commitment too.