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Memories of Grandfather's Ranch

Betsy Bouchard put her land in a conservation easement with the Hill Country Land Trust in 2007. Her reasons ring true with many landowners and we asked her to share them with you... My grandfather, who bought the ranch in 1929, used to bring the family together for his birthday. As we gathered for a photo, he would intone, "Four generations!" Since my great-grandmother was a pioneer, I think he was proud to have four generations within easy travel distance. There we were, my tiny great-grandmot...   read full post »

posted on 3/26/2016


30 Years and Counting: a Family Preserves their Land in Burnet County

We have owned our small ranch on the north edge of the Texas Hill Country only since 1970. Since that time, we have seen a number of other ranches in the area sold off in small home sites, reducing and degrading the wildlife habitat. Starting in 2002, we became aware of the conservation easement con...   read full post »

posted on 3/23/2016


A Special Place to Practice Land Stewardship

By Texas standards, our property in the Texas Hill Country is relatively small. But for us, the enjoyment and connection to nature we derive from living here is big. Over the years, we've invested sweat equity, some financial resources, and lots of emotion to be decent stewards of the land. It is a ...   read full post »

posted on 3/23/2016


Committed to the Dream of Land Ownership

Kim and Pam Bergman pursued a shared vision of buying some property in Gillespie Country, and their story is how acquiring a ranch changed them and the land forever. In 1996 the Bergmans acquired 685 acres south of Stonewall after working for 15 years in Saudi Arabia. The ranch possessed many of the...   read full post »

posted on 3/23/2016


Hill Country Land Trust sometimes get testimonials from land owners that we have worked with. We really appreciate them taking the time to send these to us, and we like to share them here on the website.

We are commited to conserving the Texas Hill Country, and we like to hear from others as to why they have chosen to make this commitment too.