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Hill Country Land Trust Releases Fifth Video: Hill Country Woodlands

Hill Country Woodlands explores the myths and complexities of Hill Country native landscapes, focusing on the challenges and techniques for restoring our diverse woodlands.  Join Steve Nelle as he examines both declining and healthy woodland areas to show landowners specific action they can take to increase the diversity of their woodlands. 

We invite you to watch all the videos in our series, read the accompanying resource material, and also to sign up for the Hill Country Land Trust newsletter  in the right sidebar. These are three good ways to learn more about different land management strategies and what it takes to be a successful and committed land steward.


posted on 3/21/2017

Hill Country Land Trust is constantly working to conserve and preserve what is the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This section of our website is devoted to letting you know what we are up to and what might be happening in the world of land trusts, conservation easements, and conservation.

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