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Controlling Deer Numbers to Improve Habitat and Teach Conservation

It is no secret that much of Texas has too many deer and that excess competition for food negatively affects the health of both the deer population and habitat. Managers strive year after year to remove enough animals, especially females, to keep the population balanced to the natural food supply. The problem of too many deer can be a serious challenge in the Hill Country, where over-browsing can permanently reduce the number and variety of native woody plants.

Wildlife management and conservation easements can go hand-in-hand, as we saw this January when HCLT easement donors Kim Bergman and Pam Mabry Bergman opened their gates and their home to the Texas Youth Hunting Program, a partnership of the Texas Wildlife Association and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Pam and Kim chose to host a hunt just for girls, so four young ladies, their dads, and one little sister joined us for a weekend of learning about wildlife, habitat and private lands stewardship. While the Bergmans benefited from a few extra hunters on their land, they also provided the venue to inspire a conservation ethic in a whole new generation of wildlife stewards.

”We were very impressed by the efficiency and safety of the hunting weekend,” Pam commented. “The volunteers made the event fun, and the camaraderie was wonderful. It was great to see the father-daughter bonding.”

If you are interested in getting some help controlling your deer population and care about educating our future hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists, give the Texas Youth Hunting Program a call—visit tyhp.org  to learn more. - Linda Campbell, HCLT Board Vice President

posted on 7/16/2017

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