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Enchanted Rock Viewshed Conservation District

The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (ERSNA) is located in the center of HCLT's 19 county service area. Since 2009, our organization has designated Enchanted Rock as a priority focus area because of the unique and fragile condition of this spectacular natural landmark. ERSNA is the destination of more than 300,000 annual visitors from around the nation and world. Most visitors make the trek to the top of the large granite dome to enjoy the surrounding view of a relatively undeveloped landscape formed from ancient granite domes more than one billion years old. HCLT, along with others, recognized that the visitor experience of hiking "The Rock" would be seriously compromised if the view from the summit became cluttered with unchecked development including rooftops, roads, and power lines.

An Ongoing Project...

HCLT is working with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, neighboring landowners, and other conservation minded entities to preserve and protect the viewshed of ERSNA. We provide educational outreach to the surrounding neighbors on land stewardship, wildlife management, and conservation values. We hold an annual spring picnic in the park where landowners can meet with other neighbors to share information and learn more about the benefits of conservation easements in limiting development while also serving the particular goals of each landowner for present and future generations. The success of the picnic has prompted TPWD to promote goodwill with neighbors adjacent to other state parks.

Currently, HCLT holds four conservation easements within a mile of ERSNA that promote land stewardship, limit future development, and protect wildlife from pressures exerted by the enormous public presence in the park.

The area we are concerned with...

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Download PDF maps to get a better look at the area and the viewshed.