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Land trusts offer a nonprofit, voluntary solution for land conservation that does not rely on government tax dollars or government programs to help protect the land.

Land trusts bring people together to make commitments that can change communities. Together, with Texans like you, we can ensure that the Texas landscape – rich in history, natural resources, breathtaking views and recreational opportunities – can be left intact for all of us today and for the future.

Recently, HCLT has decided to merge with the Texas Land Conservancy.  We are in the process of transferring our conservation easements to their care.  TLC has a long history of land conservation throughout Texas and the hill country, in particular.  In addition, TLC has the resources and the staff to ensure an even brighter future for our conserved lands.  

Next year, we anticipate the merger process to be complete and HCLT will close its doors for good.  Members of the HCLT board will join TLC so that we may continue to look out for the interests of the HCLT mission and our cherished landowner partners.  
We ask you to please continue supporting land conservation in the hill country by directing future charitable contributions to the Texas Land Conservancy.  Your support means everything to our mission of clean water, healthy wildlife habitats and scenic vistas!
Learn more about TLC at texaslandconservancy.org.

Hill Country Land Trust and Texas Land Conservancy are 501c(3) non-profit organizations, and your donations are tax deductible. Your money will help TLC fulfill their obligation as stewards of many conservation easements and also support their efforts to share information through educational events, workshops, and publications.

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